Genocide and non-state perpetrators under international law

Hellestveit made a presentation  at an international conference in September 2018 to commemorate The UN Genocide Convention at 70: The Politics of Mass Atrocity Prevention  at a session addressing non-state perpetrators of mass-atrocities.  Hellestveit’s paper, entitled  Tribes, Thugs, Terrorists, and the Law: Non-Conventional Armed Violence and the Genocide Convention analyses the particular challenges that arise under international law for holding non-state actors accountable for genocide. A revised version of the paper will be published in a forthcoming book, edited by Joyce A Apsel, Ellen Stensrud and Anton Weiss-Wendt.

Trump publishes report on legal and policy framework for the use of military force

Following the election of Donald Trump in November 2016, the Obama administration rushed to finalize a report on existing legal and policy framework guiding military operations, published in December 2016. The objective was to identify current practices and understandings by the US administration, and force subsequent administrations to identify changes to this understanding and policy.US report on the legall and policy framework guiding military operations 2016 The next report was published by the Trump administration in March 2018, containing elements of updates and of changes made by the Trump-administration. The report is annexed here: US report on the legal and policy framework guiding military operations 2018